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WeCanAssist Managed Services

WeCanAssist is the missing piece to your technology puzzle. We run the Exchange server infrastructure and all you have to do is connect to the service, from wherever you are.


Many companies have agreed that email is the most popular and most critically important  business application an organization own. These same organizations realize that an unplanned e-mail outage could occur within the next year.  Now that companies depend on  E-mail being available for communicating inside and outside of their companies, they need assurance that their e-mail services will be available in the event of an unscheduled outage or disaster and they would like to make decision towards being proactive to have that assurance.
Traditional approaches to maintain  high availability, such as Cluster Continuous Replication, and duplicate datacenters are expensive and still vulnerable to lengthy outages caused by corruption in the database, Active Directory, mistakes made to configurations, viruses and malware.
Become a new Exchange 2010 hosting customer. Let us handle these important details while you gain access to the following key benefits and features:
Exchange 2010 Hosting Plan Benefits

Instant access to superior technologies

Experience the latest features found in Exchange 2010 without having to acquire and support new hardware and pay an Exchange license fee. Included with our service are the relevant client access licenses (CALs) for Outlook 2010 and Outlook Web App.  No fee for future updates. 


Unified Messaging
A customized unified Inbox, which offers a single location for email, faxes, instant messages, sms text messages and voicemail, while eliminating the cost and resource of maintaining separate systems.  
Data Migration

Free Data migration for new Exchange 2010 hosted customers. Exchange server 2010 migration are performed onsite or over the telephone, which provides person to person support.


Seamless Web and Mobile Access

Exchange 2010 provides a web base application called Outlook Web App. Using any Internet connected browser, this application provides you with an identical experience matching that of the Microsoft's Outlook 2010 client. Advanced Search and filters allows you to check for messages in all folders and archives. Conversation view will allow you to group emails together under a conversation (topic).  Message delivery reports will allow you to troubleshoot mail delivery issues.  All of the familiar Calendar features are available in this application, including the ability to view two calendars side by side. Also, performing a right click on an item will allow you to perform an action instead of displaying the standard browser options. Exchange ActiveSync support allows you the same funtionality utilizing your smartphone.

 As an option we offer Blackberry support. Activate your BlackBerry with your new account without your company having to own and support a Blackberry Enterprise System (BES). No additional configuration is required. If your device becomes lost, we provide support through our custom controls to allow you to perform a remote data wipe directly from our Web interface.
WeCanAssist is cognizant of the amount of time and resources you commit to applying security patches and keeping the system virus free and control the amount of spam for your organization. After tallying up the monetary and opportunity costs, you will quickly see that it makes no sense for you to attempt to run such an important service yourself. Small and medium size businesses in similar situation have trusted us to handle this service for them. 
Exchange 2010 Hosting Plan Features                              
  • Remote, Centralized Storage allow customized server base rules to apply delivery restrictions, by attachment size, by content, by recipient or sender. You can  require an account(s) or Distribution list to have a moderator and add legal disclaimers to the bottom of your outbound email messages. 
  • Make use of your Company Domain Name will allow you to add name@yourcompanyname,com for a professional appearance. You can also use subdomain names names@us.yourcomanyname.com
  • Multiple E-Mail Aliases allow users to have john.doe@yourcompanyname.com and jdoe@yourcompanyname.com
  • Group Enabled Outlook features allow you to share parts or all of your Outlook features  and grant permission for others to view only or make changes to your personal or group accounts.
  • Resource Calenders allow you to create a resource mailbox for conference rooms and Audio/Visual equipment and have the Exchange 2010 server administer the accounts. Use the calendar attendant, resource booking attendant and scheduling assistant features to collaborate more efficiently within your organization.
  • Public Folders allows you to control access to message folders that can be shared among a group of users or your entire company. You can create folders that contain company contracts, project plans, business contacts, timelines and much more.
  • Web Based Administration using the Exchange Control Panel will allow a user with the appropriate permission to manage settings for the organization, another person's account or their own. All users will be allowed to keep their demographics data up to date using the ECP.
  • Message Delivery Report will allow users to search for messages sent to or from a specific person.
  • Multi Mailbox search will allow users with the appropriate permission to search for messages across mailboxes within your organization 

WeCanAssist Exchange 2010 Hosting Service

Contact us to  learn more about the features and benefits of Exchange 2010 hosting service and how easy it is to become a new Exchange 2010 hosting customer. WeCanAssist you with transforming your email environment from an on premise environment to a hybrid or hosted environment.